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What to look forward to in the update on Friday!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by TheVirobeast, 28/1/16.

By TheVirobeast on 28/1/16 at 3:55 AM
  1. TheVirobeast

    TheVirobeast Rust Admin Staff Member Rust Admin Moderator

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    Building frames
    All the new building blocks require a frame to be placed. Found on the building plan, frames can be upgraded just like walls, doorways, and windows.

    25 wood

    100 wood

    150 stones

    Sheet Metal
    75 metal frags

    25 hqm, 200 stones, 150 wood

    Double doors
    Like the doors you currently use, times two! That’s right, double doors are here and your days of bumping bodies while getting back in your base are over. Like single doors, these are crafted through the construction menu.

    Wood Double Door
    600 wood

    Sheet Metal Double Door
    600 wood
    300 metal frags

    Armored Double Door
    800 wood
    1000 metal frags

    Chain links
    A new way to define your property is here: Chainlink fences. This wall and gate combination allows you to segment your compound, secure a quarry, or just trap random sleepers. However, given it costs more, doesn’t block ladders, and is less resilient than exterior walls, it needs some significant balance before being more than a novelty.

    Chainlink Gate
    500 metal frags

    Chainlink Fence Wall
    500 metal frags

    Prison cells
    Prison architects of Rust rejoice - cells are here! Like fences, a prison cell has two parts: cell walls and cell gates. Also, like its chainlinked sibling, it's probably more a novelty than function at this point. That said, I think it's a perfect addition to Rust. Oh, and the slide action of the cell gate is sweet!

    Prison Cell Gate
    500 metal frags

    Prison Cell Wall
    500 metal frags

    Shop front
    Ever start a store in Rust but have trouble passing items without someone sneaking in a stealing your shit? Worry no more, the shop front is here. With a friendly half door and convenient window (with ledge), shop keeps will be able to dispense goods without having to worry about pesky robbers jumping through their window.

    Shop Front
    600 wood

    Beam / flashlight polish
    Diogo did a pass at the beams for the newest mods, flashlight and laser sight. Here are some dark screens:

    Holosight is less jittery
    The dot projection on the holosight has been disabled, significantly reducing the jitter.

    Lock hit area fix
    The extra hit area added last week to aid in the pickup of spears and other items had the unintended effect of causing people to unlock a door when trying to open it - and visa versa. Garry has solved this issue by downsizing the hit area of locks once again.

    Lasersight balance
    Helk has implemented to changes aimed at balancing the lasersight:

    • It reduces recoil by 15% instead of 20%
    • Aimcone penalty halved while hip firing
    • Fixed an exploit which had the laser giving bonus even when turned off
    Farming changes
    Garry has tweaked some dynamics of farming, lowering the lifespan of our orange friends. Pumpkin plants now live a maximum of 7 seasons and die after being harvested 3 times. Looks like you’ll be replanting more often, so save those seeds!
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by TheVirobeast, 28/1/16.

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