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Rustralasia Update

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Raz, 12/3/17.

By Raz on 12/3/17 at 1:17 PM
  1. Raz

    Raz The King Staff Member Rust Admin Moderator SuperBoss Bronze Member

    Admin Post
    Note from the admins

    To all of Rustralasia,

    My name is Raziel and I would like to talk to everyone about what has been going on. Over the past sometime our servers have been under several cyber attacks.

    These attacks have been targeted at our server; just as Blizzard entertainment was attacked in September 2016 with what is called a Distributed Denial of Service Attack (DDOS). The attacks typically involve malicious actors sending huge amounts of traffic to overwhelm and disable a targeted system.

    Now our host did have what is called DDOS Mitigation and was doing a very good job at filtering the attacks, but then an attack started that began to bypass the DDOS mitigation attack the servers game port with Fake connections and bad packets. It was only after much investigation that I was able to discover this. But not only were they attacking us with these attacks, They were hitting us with all kinds of attacks. From what is known as slow loris attacks, Ack Storm, DDOS and Several other attacks. Now the only way to stop the attacks that were bypassing mitigation is to have deep packet filtering.

    Now these attacks are usually launched by what is called a botnet. Which is bunch of computers that are like zombies. In fact a computer, server or data centre could be sending out attacks but not be even aware if their security is not up to date, because that is how a botnet works.

    Now during the attacks we were forced to setup temporary Slot Servers with Streamline Servers, as soon as we went over the attacks followed and the guys at Streamline enabled extra security measures to help.

    Now these slot servers are not meant to handle the traffic load that we have had and Through the generosity of Streamline servers we have managed to secure a dedicated server behind their DDOS mitigation and firewalls.

    What we are doing to improve performance
    We have also purchased 2 other Dedicated server boxes through another company and have been tweaking the security over the past while to try and prevent these attacks as much as possible. On the other 2 boxes we have DDOS mitigation and 2 firewalls, One with Deep Packet Filtering to help prevent these attacks.

    Now over this week Main Server will be put on one box, Low pop Server on another box and Hapis and The North Server on the third box with the team speak.

    So I just want to let you all know that we are working on trying to provide you with a better gaming experience.

    When will we see improvements to the servers?
    On the morning of 13/3 (tomorrow) about 7 AM AEST we will be migrating to the new dedicated boxes in which the current server data will be transferred and you will see huge improvements to gameplay performance.

    New admins coming onboard to improve your gameplay experience
    On other news I would like to introduce you to 2 of our newest Admin/Moderators to the team.
    • RiZZa
    • OfficerJAKE.
    Please show them respect as they help all of us. They have been doing a great job at moderating the forums and administrating lowpop, hapis, barren and The North.

    Now let us look unto the future and continue to grow Rustralasia together as community and a team.
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