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Rustralasia News 14/07/16

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Smash, 14/7/16.

By Smash on 14/7/16 at 3:12 PM
  1. Smash

    Smash Media Master


    We can confirm there will be a full XP wipe tomorrow after the game is patched. Yes there is an option migrate XP data over to the new update but we're not doing this to avoid any issues. It's been a tough time for all which is why we're taking all measures to avoid another crazy mess.

    We have also explained to many players of the XP wipe, as a result many players have stopped playing/levelling, we feel to give everyone a fair experience we're going to stick to the original plan set by Facepunch and wipe it clean

    Let us forget everything of last week and enjoy a new and hopefully well tuned XP system for many months to come with no wipes.

    A lot of the issues with the XP system were in relation to item ownership giving too much XP, there have been some tweaks to how XP is gained by others, Facepunch mentioned a few on a reddit post:
    • Max XP you can earn from any one player is limited to 6xp.
    • No more xp gained from the usage of resources - instead its from the first few times crafting an item
    • XP diminishing is in effect. This means the more someone harvests for you the less xp you get
    • Radial XP falloff (working on it ) this means that you will not earn xp for player actions farther than n units from your current position, hopefully meaning you'll have to mentor people or be around them rather than AFK in your base.

    As Facepunch had mentioned, their focus post-XP system will be performance, there comes a time when you have to stop adding stuff and start making sure the game performs well. This is that time so expect a few performance tweaks in the next update and many more in future updates.

    The highly anticipated PvP balance changes mentioned in the last Rustralasia News post are set to be released in tomorrows patch! If you've been hiding under a rock you can read about it in Devblog 117.

    We want to give a huge thanks to all those that had given their support and appreciated the hard work the admin team have put in. That sense of community and the kind words is greatly appreciated.

    Rustralasia Team
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Smash, 14/7/16.

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    1. Majestic
      I like these , well done smash
      Smash likes this.
    2. Official $teezyy
    3. WolfAmongstSheep
      What time tomorrow are you looking at resetting?
    4. Good Guy Dave
      Good Guy Dave
      no set time, once Facepunch pushes out the update we should be up and running with a fresh wipe :)
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    5. WolfAmongstSheep
      Sounds good, cheers mate
    6. siN.SKYlash.
      This is some great stuff here. Thanks Smash.

      This wipe is going to be killer. I am very glad they are focusing more on the Performance of the game and the gunplay more than adding "pretty" things, and more "stuff". The game would/will be that much better when a good gaming rig runs this smoothly, not like Michael J. Fox trying to erase an etch-a-sketch.

    7. Smash
      Yeah exactly right, looking forward to better performance, gimme that sweet fps.
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