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Rustralasia News | 11/08/16

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Smash, 11/8/16.

By Smash on 11/8/16 at 11:06 PM
  1. Smash

    Smash Media Master

    Performance Optimazation Yo!
    Helk discovered and made some tweaks to improve performance, people are apparently getting a 10+ fps increase which is kind of a big deal. Apparently this is a big boost to performance so chances are we'll all notice it.

    Double Bacon and Cheese - new & improved recipe!
    So we all love the new double barrel shotgun, but improvements were really needed, firstly the size was too big, so the size has been reduced and sound changes were made so your ear drums don't ring for three hours after firing. Also the spread of the gun has been tweaked, it will now be deadly close range and less so from far away.

    External Gate Codelock FIX!
    Yep, you can now unlock from both sides, slight improvement to code raiders.

    Graphics Overhaul
    Petur has done some amazing work and you'll now be able to enjoy the fruits of his labour. This exactly what it means, an overhaul of how the game looks and feels. If you care about this stuff you're in for a real kick! The changes are pretty damn awesome.

    Weapon Changes
    There's been some improvements to some rust weapons, some we've been begging Facepunch to fix for ages like fractional reloads! Here's some of the saucy new wep changes we're getting:
    • Bolt & Double Barrel shotgun reload animation fixes
    • Grenade and drop animation fixes
    • Projectile fixes - fixing some really annoying instances where no hit marks register.
    • Double barrel shotgun spread increased slightly (more damage up close, less from far away)
    • Double barrel refire rate decreased to 0.5s (was 1.0s)
    • Double barrel shotgun damage buffed to be same as waterpipe.
    As always there are a tonne of other changes coming to the patch tomorrow so be sure to check Facepunch's official dev blog for all the awesome work they've done.

    Rustralasia Team
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Smash, 11/8/16.

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