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Rustralasia: Hapis Island

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Good Guy Dave, 28/4/16.

By Good Guy Dave on 28/4/16 at 11:19 PM
  1. Good Guy Dave

    Good Guy Dave Rust Admin Rust Admin Moderator Retired Admin/ex Owner

    Admin Post
    Today we are opening our Hapis Island server!
    Main details are:
    100 player limit
    Wipes every two weeks (when possible)
    Aimed to be more noob friendly compared to our other servers.

    By next week we hope to have it fully intergrated into our website like the other servers (e.g Maps and player stats)

    So if you are looking for something a bit more relaxed please come check it out.

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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Good Guy Dave, 28/4/16.

    1. Nebo :]
      Nebo :]
      100 player hapis would be a really good size for beginners
      nice job.
    2. Smash
      Very cool, awesome screenshot too!

      I'll give it a bash, try to be friendly to noobs.
    3. Not Phaze
      Not Phaze
      brb setting up sniper tower
    4. siN.SKYlash.
      Is there something in particular that makes this map/server more noob friendly? It sounds perfect for my lack of skill xD
    5. Not Phaze
      Not Phaze
      Im guessing fewer big groups, less population to fight with. It will help you understand the grass roots of vanilla rust easier.
    6. siN.SKYlash.
      A very good point. Vanilla or nothing. Modded is AIDS.

      Imagine, the entire population of Hapis could form a community and sit around a campfire, role play, sing songs and cook animals.

      Or maybe you could be a naked being chased by black men with bone clubs.

      I'll leave it up to the new players to discover which scenario will play out
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    7. Tim Tams^
      Tim Tams^
      This would work but there will always will be those dicks who wanna make the noobs miserable. I reckon something needs to be looked into to making this server noob friendly
    8. Fubez
      TGB is coming to a HAPIS server near you
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    9. Spawn
      You could just make the server only wipe for forced wipes aka monthly, that would give noobs a very long time to get the scope of everything

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