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Quarterly Server Updates

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by riZZa, 6/4/17.

By riZZa on 6/4/17 at 1:03 AM
  1. riZZa

    riZZa Rust Admin Staff Member Rust Admin Silver Member Bronze Member

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    Quarterly Server Updates.

    Hi all, this is the first post of our new quarterly server updates. In these updates, we will be updating you with what is going on in the community, any upcoming events, server issues and any announcements. We would like to cover the patches every wipe but I think the likes of Shadowfrax and the Devblog have it covered for you.


    Hacking Increase,

    Did that get your attention? Well that’s how many hackers we have banned since December.

    As most of you would be aware there is a new hack available (surprise!) and some not so clever people like to use it on our servers. Rest assured, you will be caught and I promise you will be EAC/Game banned if we catch you.

    SO! What is the best thing can you do other than not hacking?

    Well the best thing to do is report a hacker via and then via F7 in game.

    you can report the hackers on the server by simply filling out a hack report at

    We are working on making this process easier for you, but once that is submitted all the Admins are alerted to their mobile devices and are able to get on and check if they are not already on. Every report gets checked, nothing is left unturned.

    You can still use the report a hacker in game by hitting F7 however that report takes longer to reach us, and may be too late to ban. So be sure you report on the website first.

    Server Performance.

    The admins are all finally picking up the last of the pieces from the infamous DDOS attacks which brought down a lot of moral and caused extreme amounts of inconvenience but would like to think its now in the past. Moving forwards, we migrated the servers across to a new provider, allowing us to strengthen our protection and security to ensure the server uptime is as high as possible. However, with the good comes the bad and we have had a run of hardware and power issues on the provider’s end causing downtimes especially on low pop server. This isn’t to say we aren’t getting DDOS attacks anymore, as we are usually getting attacks daily, just not on the scale we were before.

    Here is a look at our firewalls filtering incoming attacks recently.


    We were able to source a lag issue on main server in regard to the way the RCON (rust console) reports its information. So, we have opted to make a temporary change to maximize performance until a viable solution can be put into place.

    The TeamSpeak is back up for those in need of assistance or wanting to make use of the public channels (limited) be sure to visit us on if you need help if the forums just don’t satisfy your deepest rust needs.

    Savas Island.

    Savas island map is going live in the coming weeks allowing the community a new play style for mid-week gaming. Unfortunately something has to give and this time its “The North” which to much dismay will not be returning to your dirty screens any time soon. Savas gets PVP back to basics and offers more skills than raw numbers or firepower. If you want to check it out be sure to watch Rusty Pirates video here :


    Community Art Competitions.

    Get out the brushes and your finest paints as there is ART to be made people! We will be judging a FREE to enter event on selected wipes and we ask members of the community to submit their best in game artwork for the wipe. If you’re not first. Your’re last. So only a first place will be awarded, the prizes consist of steam credit or rust skins. So, keep your eyes out for posts on server specific member forums for details. The prizes aren’t big, but it’s just a bit of fun, and for the love of rust please all original Artwork, no Rustangelo or programmed entries and keep it civil.
    screenshot courtesy of SailorMoon

    Enjoy your server time, and please let us know any feedback on the forums. Thanks for all the support from all members and players. Enjoy! :)

    The Rustralasia Team
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by riZZa, 6/4/17.

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