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As you may all have noticed over the last week and a half, we have been busy improving workflow and general "Aesthetics" of the website & forum.

Our main goal is to have everyone only need to use 1 portal that rules them all, so there is no having to go back and forth between the 2 cms systems that are currently in place.

There is still a long journey ahead with integrating the Main server stats and reporting system, and then from there its just fine tuning.

If you have any suggestions for further improvements please post them on this thread.

We are happy to announce the opening of our new low population server!
One thing we often get asked is when we are going to do two week wipes, because of the amount of players we pull every week this has not been possible.
But with the launch of this server we’ll be capping it at 200 players which means we will be able to go the full two weeks!

Rustcore and Jrust will be merging into this server and Virobeast will be the main admin watching over things.

So if two week wipes are your thing be sure to jump on tomorrow morning and say hi.