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Due to the insane amount of people private messaging for unbans on forums ,I have changed some settings around
Accounts now have to have 1 post and be a member for 1 day before gaining access to PM privileges
If a New account wants to report a hacker in private ,Use the report a player form
Emergency Network Migration - SY3 / Doody ST
Start:10/06/16 00:01
End:10/06/16 01:00

We may experience outages between these periods.
Fan pages are a new simple way to get in contact with your favourite Rust YouTubers.
Think of them as their own website where you join their group, post questions, talk about different moments, upload fan art, etc.



Today we are opening our Hapis Island server!
Main details are:
100 player limit
Wipes every two weeks (when possible)
Aimed to be more noob friendly compared to our other servers.

By next week we hope to have it fully intergrated into our website like the other servers (e.g Maps and player stats)

So if you are looking for something a bit more relaxed please come check it out.

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for playing on our servers, We hope you are enjoying your time and continue to have fun playing a true rust experience of survival on the Rustralasia servers.

Here is a quick video showing just a few of the new updates that came out. Must apologise as this was sort of done on the last minute.

COMING SOON Rustralasia Weekly News.

Thanks for reading and taking the time to watch the video.
Due to the increase of people being basically Idiots in chat and the complaints about "He is saying bad stuff about me blah blah blah" Global chat is now off .Global chat May return at thursday to allow for bp trading before wipes but that is it.
The wipe for the 4/8 will be a BP wipe on both servers as well as a map wipe

It is a Procgen update so unfortunately maps will not be available until update is out
We will soon be moving to a new IP
Because of this you wont find the server in your history, so be sure to search for the server again.
We will most likely move to this IP on Thursday morning.