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Welcome to the first instalment of Rustralasia News. The news posts will aim to inform you about Rust developments and Rustralasia news. If you have anything cool to contribute feel free to send it through via DM and we may include it!

Facepunch are hard at work prepping the new Rust XP system for release, the pre-release build has moved to the staging branch and new commits are piling on by the hour! If you still want to test the new stuff before it's released to the live servers then you'll need to opt into the staging branch.

The new XP system is a replacement to the current BP system, it gives all players, solo or group, the opportunity to gain levels and eventual access to all items. It also allows the developers to fundamentally change the pace of the game, now early game will last a lot longer than before which sounds like a fun change.

Items you craft or cook are owned by you which means you can gain experience in or out of the game, if players use tools owned by you you'll gain 20% of the experience gained, same goes for food you've cooked. Hopefully this will encourage less mindless killing and more teaming up and cooperation now that there is an incentive to do so.

So along with the new Rust UI there is now a dedicated crafting screen, freeing up room within your Inventory screen, now question is what key should I bind it to?

[​IMG] [​IMG]




It's different and will take some time to get use to it, it feels like every melee weapon is similar to a bow where you have a draw animation that you hold, giving opportunity for aim, and then release to throw.


Facepunch mentioned some major PvP changes, one of them is bullets becoming Hit Scan for the first few metres. Translation? Hit scan is something legacy Rust players know very well, it's how legacy pvp was at any distance instead of being projectile based like today, Hit scan basically means bullets hit where you fire and are not effected by velocity making CQC far more predictable.
Other new PvP improvements being committed are:
  • Fxed alignment of crossbow viewmodel when aiming down sights
  • Adjusted positioning of ak47 (to sit on player's hands betters)
  • Ownership of items transferred to looter of downed players
  • Many other changes (read Devblog 117)

New Community Pictures, tab has been created which I'm sure you've all noticed, share your cool snaps!


GoodGuyDave's doing a game giveaway on the member forums, all you need to do is post a comment and you're in, draw ends Saturday 9th of July 2016 where a winner will be picked out at random.

If you're not a member already, you damn well should be! Support the server, gain all the member perks and maybe win a free game. To learn more about how to become a member Click Here.

There are plenty more changes so be sure to check out the official devblog tomorrow for all the specifics.

Enjoy the XP gains and thanks for reading!
Rustralasia Team
For anyone wanting to get a head start with the XP System now is your chance! Our very own Rustralasia Test server for the Pre-Release client has launched! The server will be up right now until the launch of the XP system which is currently confirmed for release on July 7th (July 8th for Australian/NZ players).

Please note: The test server may wipe randomly without warning, you may also see admins spawning and testing items on the server.

How to switch to Pre-Release client? Staging
Before switching over, be aware that you must download the pre-release patch which is roughly a 1GB download, when switching back to the live production version it will also require another 1GB download.

Switching over is pretty straight forward, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to Steam then click on the 'Library' tab
  2. Right click Rust and select 'Properties'
  3. Click on the Betas Tab
  4. From the drop down menu select 'pre-release''Staging'
  5. Wait for the update to complete and job done!
To switch back, simply change the 'pre-release' option under Betas to 'NONE - opt out of all beta programs' wait for the download and you're done.

I'm on the Pre-Release, now what?
Now you can either find the 'Rustralasia Pre-Release' server from the community tab or connect manually by hitting F1 in game to bring up the console and typing in the following command:

Happy Levelling!
Rustralasia Team
Due to june have 5 thursdays in it for the uk which is where Facepunch is based it means the forced wipe is not until the 8th . So all of our servers will wipe for a 1 week cycle to get inline with the forced wipe. The forced wipe on the 8th will also be the xp and leveling update so it will be a big one
Due to the insane amount of people private messaging for unbans on forums ,I have changed some settings around
Accounts now have to have 1 post and be a member for 1 day before gaining access to PM privileges
If a New account wants to report a hacker in private ,Use the report a player form
Emergency Network Migration - SY3 / Doody ST
Start:10/06/16 00:01
End:10/06/16 01:00

We may experience outages between these periods.
Fan pages are a new simple way to get in contact with your favourite Rust YouTubers.
Think of them as their own website where you join their group, post questions, talk about different moments, upload fan art, etc.



Today we are opening our Hapis Island server!
Main details are:
100 player limit
Wipes every two weeks (when possible)
Aimed to be more noob friendly compared to our other servers.

By next week we hope to have it fully intergrated into our website like the other servers (e.g Maps and player stats)

So if you are looking for something a bit more relaxed please come check it out.

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for playing on our servers, We hope you are enjoying your time and continue to have fun playing a true rust experience of survival on the Rustralasia servers.

Here is a quick video showing just a few of the new updates that came out. Must apologise as this was sort of done on the last minute.

COMING SOON Rustralasia Weekly News.

Thanks for reading and taking the time to watch the video.
Due to the increase of people being basically Idiots in chat and the complaints about "He is saying bad stuff about me blah blah blah" Global chat is now off .Global chat May return at thursday to allow for bp trading before wipes but that is it.