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On the 10th of May 2014 I started hosting a Rust server because I was drunk with friends and it seemed like a good idea at the time, now it has become larger than I could of ever imagined.

But this is where I want to say goodbye to Rustralasia and try to move forward with my life, I’ll still be helping out here and there with Rust (other servers/admins) but nowhere near the same level as I do right now.

I want to spend some time thanking the people who have helped me out over the years.

Current Admins:

Past Admins:



Special thanks to:
Luke (
Vfloyd (
Brenden (
Flaymar (AusnzRust/ALRust)
Errn (
jac (
Ser Winter

And of course everyone that has donated money to keep the server alive over the years, without your support we would have never been able to grow to this scale.

I know I must be missing a few people from this list, so my deepest apologies if I have missed you!

Thanks again

Good Guy Dave.
Tomorrow we say goodbye to the XP system and hello to the component system.
As a final farewell here are the players with the highest XP levels.

Main server:

Over the last month there has been 12776 players
The highest XP level - 63 Kurebor.iO
Most PVP kills - 1178 |DCG| Notssor
Most PVP deaths - 988

Low pop server:

Over the last month there has been 6620 players
The highest XP level - 69 ming
Most PVP kills - 917 @TaintedBoylez
Most PVP deaths - 511

Hapis server:
Over the last month there has been 2974 players
The highest XP level - 59 old man bocky
Most PVP kills - 504 Silver Scrub
Most PVP deaths - 463
To coincide with the migration to a new server and since it has been 4 months since the last wipe we will be wiping XP on main server only not hapis or lowpop
We have just pushed out the latest update to our player stats, normally these stats are for paid members only but to celebrate this new update for the next few days we will make them free for everyone to use.

We are still making small changes and if you notice any issues please let us know here or just let us know what you think.

The public release of RustAdmin has been updated to support the new XP system along with much improved player stats tracking.

You can download the update from

Thats right we will be running raid cam events again!!!

If you would like to see your raid from lots of different angles and be on youtube then please send a private message to with the details of the raid.

Graphics Overhaul Is Here
Yes in spectacular fashion the graphics update will finally hit the main release branch today, words cannot describe how awesome Rust looks so hopefully pictures will do!


Dave has also kindly recorded some awesome videos, so if that's your thing too check them out, cheers Dave!

If you want to check out a few more pictures in much better quality click here for an album! As always be sure to check out the full patch notes tomorrow via the official Facepunch devblog here.

Rustralasia Team.