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Hello community,

Just a bit of an update from the admin team.

We have been having backend issues with skip the que which it looks like we have now hopefully sorted. If anyone has ordered skip the queue or has an active paid subscription and have any current issues, please raise a ticket and we will have it rectified at the soonest possible time available.

MAIN Server lag issues.

There was a few performance issues which we had ironed out early in the wipe which was causing intermittent lag issues. We have rectified a couple of minor problems on our end but are still having an issue, we have now received an update from our provider stating they are experiencing an electrical difficulty/fault which is being sorted as soon as possible.

Server Usage Chart

We thank you all very much for your understanding on the matter, any more news Ill post into the comments section below.

- The Rustralasia Team.
So over the past few months these scripts have become common in the rust world
But we have had no real way of detecting them, Well that's all about to change

We have been working hard behind the scenes doing a lot of testing on these new tools we have acquired . While it may not catch every scripter every detection that we have made using these tools has been on a scripting test subjects so we feel very confident rolling this out.

I won't say to much on how it all works ,But it takes a lot of computing power running in the background to compile the data collected and make sense of it all so the bans will not be instantaneous and might take a week or so .

You get caught scripting it will be a name and shame ban for a month. Get caught again and it's a permanent ban

This will come into force from the 16th of June wipes

Hello Rustralasians,

We are pleased to announced we are trialling a new X3 SERVER with a WEEKLY wipe cycle but most importantly it wipes on TUESDAYS! and not Fridays like the rest.

That's right folks, it's going to mean;


So please feel free to come and have a crack at being kings of the X3 server!

Server Name : | x3 |
Server IP Address :

Q: What day does it wipe?
A: Tuesday

Q: What if its a forced wipe?
A: Well it would have to be wiped regardless and would still wipe on the following tuesday as normal schedule.

Q: When is the server live?
A: Right now!


Get Painting this wipe!

The prize:
The winner will receive the following which are kindly donated by OfficerJAKE.

Poseidon Semi Auto Pistol SKIN
First Aid Box Green SKIN

Entry conditions are as follows:

Must be a donating member
No rustangelo or automated submissions
Must be original artwork
No offensive or artwork against server rules
Must be an in game screenshot of the artwork
Extra points for posing next to your artwork***

How to enter?

Simply submit it in the community artwork section
prior to 6pm EST 10/05/17 to go in the draw!

How is it judged?

Judging will be done by the admin team
it will include a combination of:

'LIKES' received
creativity & originality

Judging will commence after 6pm EST 10/05/17
Winner will be announced on this thread. So please watch the comments below!

***not really extra points for posing but do it anyway

I got a little bored this afternoon and decided to give some skins away, crazy right?
To enter, simply comment on this post with the required details, its that easy.​

Steam Name:

Steam ID:
Favorite Skin Link:
Entries will close in 2 hours - from the posting of this thread will generate 3 numbers, your comment number is your entry number
One entry per person per house, you cannot enter using another steam account.
Your forum account must have been created before 2017
If you created your forum account this year, you cannot enter, sorry.

If you cannot follow these rules and you enter twice, you will be removed from entry.
Winners will recieve a trade request from myself, your profile must be setup to accept this.

3 winners will recieve one skin each
1st Drawn - Dark Flames AK47
2nd Drawn - Base Invaders SAP
3rd Drawn - Great War Service Rifle

Good luck to all entries!
Quarterly Server Updates.

Hi all, this is the first post of our new quarterly server updates. In these updates, we will be updating you with what is going on in the community, any upcoming events, server issues and any announcements. We would like to cover the patches every wipe but I think the likes of Shadowfrax and the Devblog have it covered for you.


Hacking Increase,

Did that get your attention? Well that’s how many hackers we have banned since December.

As most of you would be aware there is a new hack available (surprise!) and some not so clever people like to use it on our servers. Rest assured, you will be caught and I promise you will be EAC/Game banned if we catch you.

SO! What is the best thing can you do other than not hacking?

Well the best thing to do is report a hacker via and then via F7 in game.

you can report the hackers on the server by simply filling out a hack report at

We are working on making this process easier for you, but once that is submitted all the Admins are alerted to their mobile devices and are able to get on and check if they are not already on. Every report gets checked, nothing is left unturned.

You can still use the report a hacker in game by hitting F7 however that report takes longer to reach us, and may be too late to ban. So be sure you report on the website first.

Server Performance.

The admins are all finally picking up the last of the pieces from the infamous DDOS attacks which brought down a lot of moral and caused extreme amounts of inconvenience but would like to think its now in the past. Moving forwards, we migrated the servers across to a new provider, allowing us to strengthen our protection and security to ensure the server uptime is as high as possible. However, with the good comes the bad and we have had a run of hardware and power issues on the provider’s end causing downtimes especially on low pop server. This isn’t to say we aren’t getting DDOS attacks anymore, as we are usually getting attacks daily, just not on the scale we were before.

Here is a look at our firewalls filtering incoming attacks recently.


We were able to source a lag issue on main server in regard to the way the RCON (rust console) reports its information. So, we have opted to make a temporary change to maximize performance until a viable solution can be put into place.

The TeamSpeak is back up for those in need of assistance or wanting to make use of the public channels (limited) be sure to visit us on if you need help if the forums just don’t satisfy your deepest rust needs.

Savas Island.

Savas island map is going live in the coming weeks allowing the community a new play style for mid-week gaming. Unfortunately something has to give and this time its “The North” which to much dismay will not be returning to your dirty screens any time soon. Savas gets PVP back to basics and offers more skills than raw numbers or firepower. If you want to check it out be sure to watch Rusty Pirates video here :


Community Art Competitions.

Get out the brushes and your finest paints as there is ART to be made people! We will be judging a FREE to enter event on selected wipes and we ask members of the community to submit their best in game artwork for the wipe. If you’re not first. Your’re last. So only a first place will be awarded, the prizes consist of steam credit or rust skins. So, keep your eyes out for posts on server specific member forums for details. The prizes aren’t big, but it’s just a bit of fun, and for the love of rust please all original Artwork, no Rustangelo or programmed entries and keep it civil.
screenshot courtesy of SailorMoon

Enjoy your server time, and please let us know any feedback on the forums. Thanks for all the support from all members and players. Enjoy! :)

The Rustralasia Team
Note from the admins

To all of Rustralasia,

My name is Raziel and I would like to talk to everyone about what has been going on. Over the past sometime our servers have been under several cyber attacks.

These attacks have been targeted at our server; just as Blizzard entertainment was attacked in September 2016 with what is called a Distributed Denial of Service Attack (DDOS). The attacks typically involve malicious actors sending huge amounts of traffic to overwhelm and disable a targeted system.

Now our host did have what is called DDOS Mitigation and was doing a very good job at filtering the attacks, but then an attack started that began to bypass the DDOS mitigation attack the servers game port with Fake connections and bad packets. It was only after much investigation that I was able to discover this. But not only were they attacking us with these attacks, They were hitting us with all kinds of attacks. From what is known as slow loris attacks, Ack Storm, DDOS and Several other attacks. Now the only way to stop the attacks that were bypassing mitigation is to have deep packet filtering.

Now these attacks are usually launched by what is called a botnet. Which is bunch of computers that are like zombies. In fact a computer, server or data centre could be sending out attacks but not be even aware if their security is not up to date, because that is how a botnet works.

Now during the attacks we were forced to setup temporary Slot Servers with Streamline Servers, as soon as we went over the attacks followed and the guys at Streamline enabled extra security measures to help.

Now these slot servers are not meant to handle the traffic load that we have had and Through the generosity of Streamline servers we have managed to secure a dedicated server behind their DDOS mitigation and firewalls.

What we are doing to improve performance
We have also purchased 2 other Dedicated server boxes through another company and have been tweaking the security over the past while to try and prevent these attacks as much as possible. On the other 2 boxes we have DDOS mitigation and 2 firewalls, One with Deep Packet Filtering to help prevent these attacks.

Now over this week Main Server will be put on one box, Low pop Server on another box and Hapis and The North Server on the third box with the team speak.

So I just want to let you all know that we are working on trying to provide you with a better gaming experience.

When will we see improvements to the servers?
On the morning of 13/3 (tomorrow) about 7 AM AEST we will be migrating to the new dedicated boxes in which the current server data will be transferred and you will see huge improvements to gameplay performance.

New admins coming onboard to improve your gameplay experience
On other news I would like to introduce you to 2 of our newest Admin/Moderators to the team.
  • RiZZa
  • OfficerJAKE.
Please show them respect as they help all of us. They have been doing a great job at moderating the forums and administrating lowpop, hapis, barren and The North.

Now let us look unto the future and continue to grow Rustralasia together as community and a team.