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The host believe they have resolved the performance problem, If you are still experiencing very bad performance please follow instructions below.

Hey Rustralasian's if you are currently experiencing very poor performance on our server or if you have been forced to play on a vpn to join our servers. We would really like some information so we can start to rectify these problems,

1. Open Steam
2. Click on Library
3. Right Click on Rust and left click properties
4. click on local files tab up the top

5. Click on browse local files


6. double click on rust client data

7. Open output_log and copy all the information and please send it to Raz staff member on these forums or you can email [email protected]

8. Next Open Command Prompt as Administrator
9. type "tracert" into the black box and press enter
10. Copy the information from the command prompt
11. Paste the information in an email to [email protected] or send to Raz.
12. repeat step 8
13. type "tracert" into the black box and press enter
14. copy the information from the command prompt
15. Paste the information in an email to [email protected] or send to Raz.

This information is going to help us with many different problems that have been occurring. The more people that give us this information the better we will be able to get a better picture of what is going on.

Thank you to all.
Hey Guys and Girls Sorry for the delayed message but there is currently a network issue with our Server, Our hosting company is currently looking into the problem. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

From the hosting company
"Thanks for your call. As discussed, I've logged into the server and had a brief look over the logs, network setup and network connectivity. I've found some packet loss occurring which could be the reason the connection is dropping. I'll be investigating this further to find how and where it's happening. At this stage, I'm unsure how long it will take to resolve it but I'll keep you updated."

Ok the hosting company needs to restart the server to apply the fix. But we need to first login to make sure the Server Program closes correctly.

Server Is being restarted currently time :10:56 AM AEST

Server is still experiencing issues - Might be a hardware issue.time : 12:08pm 07/01/2017 AEST

17:28 07/01/2017
Server currently under a large DDoS attack, currently dropping over 60 thousand packets per second.

Unsure when it actually will be we have not been given times

So there is no point wiping now when it will all be wiped with the update

These new rad towns come in small or large sized meals but screw all that, look! pretty pictures...
Few things - these new dungeons will be located obviously on a beach and won't require any protection, that's right kids *load pipey* I'm friendly.

A lot of the modelling used with the harbour appeared to be useful and so the warehouse got some love. Credit to /u/mAiNzR for the sweet pics.

3720.jpg 4720.jpg
Slightly hard to place walls that don't have flat area for placement, could have an effect on pvp but we'll have to wait and see. Just means you can't do this anymore.

It looks like there has been some work done to optimise the game slightly, I wouldn't bank on anything significant but it appears the team is certainly working on it.

As always be sure to check out the official Devblog @ for a comprehensive list of changes.

All the best to everyone in the new year!
The Rustralasia Team
2016 - What a year it's been for Rust and Rustralasia! The admins wanted to share some interesting stats encapsulating some of what's happened on Rustralasia Servers. Here's to another fantastic new year of Rust on Rustralasia!


All the best in the new year!
The Rustralasia team
On the 10th of May 2014 I started hosting a Rust server because I was drunk with friends and it seemed like a good idea at the time, now it has become larger than I could of ever imagined.

But this is where I want to say goodbye to Rustralasia and try to move forward with my life, I’ll still be helping out here and there with Rust (other servers/admins) but nowhere near the same level as I do right now.

I want to spend some time thanking the people who have helped me out over the years.

Current Admins:

Past Admins:



Special thanks to:
Luke (
Vfloyd (
Brenden (
Flaymar (AusnzRust/ALRust)
Errn (
jac (
Ser Winter

And of course everyone that has donated money to keep the server alive over the years, without your support we would have never been able to grow to this scale.

I know I must be missing a few people from this list, so my deepest apologies if I have missed you!

Thanks again

Good Guy Dave.
Tomorrow we say goodbye to the XP system and hello to the component system.
As a final farewell here are the players with the highest XP levels.

Main server:

Over the last month there has been 12776 players
The highest XP level - 63 Kurebor.iO
Most PVP kills - 1178 |DCG| Notssor
Most PVP deaths - 988

Low pop server:

Over the last month there has been 6620 players
The highest XP level - 69 ming
Most PVP kills - 917 @TaintedBoylez
Most PVP deaths - 511

Hapis server:
Over the last month there has been 2974 players
The highest XP level - 59 old man bocky
Most PVP kills - 504 Silver Scrub
Most PVP deaths - 463
To coincide with the migration to a new server and since it has been 4 months since the last wipe we will be wiping XP on main server only not hapis or lowpop