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We have decided a change is as good as a holiday!
Its been quite some time since we hosted a 500 population server and feel the current map
size could do with a bit of a mix up. Additionally the 500 population days are as good as gone until the game can handle the AI and processes and becomes a more optimised platform to host.

As of this wipe we will be trialling a map size of 3700. That's 100 (ONE HUNDRED) smaller than we are currently playing and have been playing for quite some time.


Q: What does this mean for me as a player?
A smaller map means your closer to your mates.. or enemy! We encourage a higher PVP to farm ratio and would like to fulfil the demands of the server players for more PVP action.

Q: Will it ever change back?
After the next few wipes we will be gauging the feedback from the community to see how they feel on the changes. If need be we will revert, if not we will keep it. It will be a majority feedback kind of decision by the staff at rustralasia.

Q: What does more PVP mean for the server?
Interactions of PVP enables us to utilise our latest software more often, meaning we catch can hackers and scripter's. Ultimately its about giving the community a more enjoyable server experience.

Q: When does the new map change take effect?
This wipe! 21-07-17

Q: Is it just for main server?
Yes. For now.

Q: Are you changing it because the population has dropped?
Nothing has changed for us, business as usual, we have queues on all servers at all the normal times.

Thanks for reading be sure to let us know your feedback over the coming days and weeks on your server experience with the map size changes.
Name: #Ralasia
SteamID: 76561198320651002
Detected: No recoil Script.

Name: GriffDAWG
SteamID: 76561198210419333
Detected: No recoil Script

Name: nS.Sly #recruiting
SteamID: 76561198329414943
Detected: norecoil script.

Name: MONKEY 2.0
SteamID: 76561198136028596
Detected: norecoil script.

Name: [AGS] Obie
SteamID: 76561198383078375
Detected: norecoil script.

Name: [SF] Pedrazz
SteamID: 76561198339625537
Detected: norecoil script.

SteamID: 76561198267861298
Detected: norecoil script.

Name: BNT.EarL
SteamID: 76561198274883225
Detected: norecoil script.
Hello community,

Another Quarterly server update is here with updates on the new server, changes, hardware stats and more. We would like to start off by thanking everyone for a great couple of months, we have seen a lot of action, new clans and plenty of great sportsmanship across the whole community.

Over the past 4 weeks we received 7 Major DDOS attacks on the scale of the previous attacks that took down our servers. Our new Specialised DDOS protection was able to stand its ground and stay running with only a few lag issues.

Whats new?

We have fired up a X3 server which a lot of you have already been playing on. It has proved to be a success with it wiping on Tuesdays giving you something to play on when the other servers wind down after the weekend. We are currently working on getting the stats finalised for the website also which shouldn’t be too far away.

We have also started up a staging server. What this means is this particular server has all the latest mods and trials from the FACEPUNCH developers as they test out new ideas eg. AI and more. There is no particular wipe etc but simply for your curiosity and pleasure. So don't go playing properly on it... its a testing server.

You are able to connect here - port 39256

Out with the old in with the new! That’s right ol’faithful Barren will be closing down at the next forced wipe. We are only seeing a select few on the server even now, but we expect much bigger and better things in the future including the continuation of barren wipes on MAIN server, which has proved very successful.

Scripting Detection

There is already a post by dottie on this, but this is a friendly reminder. You are being watched. You will be caught and you will be exposed … and maybe even banned. See link below!

Server Hardware Specifications.

A lot of people ask about our server hardware. I also see a lot of people say “ Hey I could host a better server than this on my phone” and “ I have $15 server that runs better”. Well we can assure you, we are running the best possible hardware we can afford and it ain’t no phone.

Main was originally moved as the bandwidth was too expensive. Unfortunately, this came with low DDOS protection so we moved to a new provider. The DDOS protection was better but the servers were attacked by some network attacks which brought down the main server on a constant basis and then began on the other servers. All servers were moved to temporary shared hosting. We then moved Hapis and Lowpop (fortnightly) across to their own boxes, and Main to another separate box which is where we are now. This last move incorporated the specialized Anti-DDOS protection we have today.

so let’s take a looky at what the money buys us shall we?

Main Server Specs upgrade history.

CPU - E31240v3 3.5ghz > i7 7700k

RAM – 16GB > 32GB > 64GB

HD – 256GB SSD > 1 TB SSD > 480GB NVE SSD + Anti-DDOS

Low pop & Hapis

These servers both started on the same box but now both have identical boxes with the final stats being the same.

CPU - E3 1241v3 3.5ghz > i7 6700k

RAM - 8GB > 16GB > 32GB

HD - 256GB SSD > 480GB SSD + Anti DDOS
Hello community,

Just a bit of an update from the admin team.

We have been having backend issues with skip the que which it looks like we have now hopefully sorted. If anyone has ordered skip the queue or has an active paid subscription and have any current issues, please raise a ticket and we will have it rectified at the soonest possible time available.

MAIN Server lag issues.

There was a few performance issues which we had ironed out early in the wipe which was causing intermittent lag issues. We have rectified a couple of minor problems on our end but are still having an issue, we have now received an update from our provider stating they are experiencing an electrical difficulty/fault which is being sorted as soon as possible.

Server Usage Chart

We thank you all very much for your understanding on the matter, any more news Ill post into the comments section below.

- The Rustralasia Team.
So over the past few months these scripts have become common in the rust world
But we have had no real way of detecting them, Well that's all about to change

We have been working hard behind the scenes doing a lot of testing on these new tools we have acquired . While it may not catch every scripter every detection that we have made using these tools has been on a scripting test subjects so we feel very confident rolling this out.

I won't say to much on how it all works ,But it takes a lot of computing power running in the background to compile the data collected and make sense of it all so the bans will not be instantaneous and might take a week or so .

You get caught scripting it will be a name and shame ban for a month. Get caught again and it's a permanent ban

This will come into force from the 16th of June wipes

Hello Rustralasians,

We are pleased to announced we are trialling a new X3 SERVER with a WEEKLY wipe cycle but most importantly it wipes on TUESDAYS! and not Fridays like the rest.

That's right folks, it's going to mean;


So please feel free to come and have a crack at being kings of the X3 server!

Server Name : | x3 |
Server IP Address :

Q: What day does it wipe?
A: Tuesday

Q: What if its a forced wipe?
A: Well it would have to be wiped regardless and would still wipe on the following tuesday as normal schedule.

Q: When is the server live?
A: Right now!


Get Painting this wipe!

The prize:
The winner will receive the following which are kindly donated by OfficerJAKE.

Poseidon Semi Auto Pistol SKIN
First Aid Box Green SKIN

Entry conditions are as follows:

Must be a donating member
No rustangelo or automated submissions
Must be original artwork
No offensive or artwork against server rules
Must be an in game screenshot of the artwork
Extra points for posing next to your artwork***

How to enter?

Simply submit it in the community artwork section
prior to 6pm EST 10/05/17 to go in the draw!

How is it judged?

Judging will be done by the admin team
it will include a combination of:

'LIKES' received
creativity & originality

Judging will commence after 6pm EST 10/05/17
Winner will be announced on this thread. So please watch the comments below!

***not really extra points for posing but do it anyway