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To coincide with the migration to a new server and since it has been 4 months since the last wipe we will be wiping XP on main server only not hapis or lowpop
We have just pushed out the latest update to our player stats, normally these stats are for paid members only but to celebrate this new update for the next few days we will make them free for everyone to use.

We are still making small changes and if you notice any issues please let us know here or just let us know what you think.

The public release of RustAdmin has been updated to support the new XP system along with much improved player stats tracking.

You can download the update from

Thats right we will be running raid cam events again!!!

If you would like to see your raid from lots of different angles and be on youtube then please send a private message to with the details of the raid.

Graphics Overhaul Is Here
Yes in spectacular fashion the graphics update will finally hit the main release branch today, words cannot describe how awesome Rust looks so hopefully pictures will do!


Dave has also kindly recorded some awesome videos, so if that's your thing too check them out, cheers Dave!

If you want to check out a few more pictures in much better quality click here for an album! As always be sure to check out the full patch notes tomorrow via the official Facepunch devblog here.

Rustralasia Team.
G'day Rustralasia!

Graphics Overhaul - update

Sound like a broken record but work is finishing up for the graphics overhaul and if you haven't seen it you're missing out. It looks to be set for next weeks release but don't quote us! Follow Petur and his amazing work and all updates via his twitter.

Sleeping bag pick up!
Didn't want that sleep over? Well now you can change your mind with the new pick up mechanic for sleeping bags. Simply hold 'E' and select the new menu options to return it back to your inventory. Not a bad change in my opinion.

Rust hits puberty?
Nothing to show at the moment but there appears to be work done developing hair in Rust which I'm super excited for, will keep you posted on any updates with this.

The new LR-300 drops in!
The brand new military grade LR-300 is dropping into rust this week, it's not a craft-able gun which means it's attainable similarly to how you get the M249. Anyway less text more pretty pictures.

As always check out the official dev blog tomorrow for a comprehensive list of changes hitting your Rust client tomorrow!

Rustralasia Team.

Graphics Overhaul - Coming Soon!
The amazing rust graphics overhaul we've been talking a lot about is coming soon, it isn't expected to drop tomorrow, chances are we'll see it near the end of the month.

Weapon changes!
  • Shotgun damage buffed at close range, reduced at longer distances
  • Rifle and pistol bullet damage has been increased
  • Bolt headshot damage buffed

Barren Hype! - Main Server (Updated - server failed to run barren)
Yes the barren type map will be coming to Rustralasia Main, get hyped if you're into that stuff!

Research table & you!
So the research table is making a come back but it's not the same one we're use to. Now you'll be able to create blueprints that are one time only crafts, giving people an opportunity to items they might not have unlocked.

Rustralasia Team
Performance Optimazation Yo!
Helk discovered and made some tweaks to improve performance, people are apparently getting a 10+ fps increase which is kind of a big deal. Apparently this is a big boost to performance so chances are we'll all notice it.

Double Bacon and Cheese - new & improved recipe!
So we all love the new double barrel shotgun, but improvements were really needed, firstly the size was too big, so the size has been reduced and sound changes were made so your ear drums don't ring for three hours after firing. Also the spread of the gun has been tweaked, it will now be deadly close range and less so from far away.

External Gate Codelock FIX!
Yep, you can now unlock from both sides, slight improvement to code raiders.

Graphics Overhaul
Petur has done some amazing work and you'll now be able to enjoy the fruits of his labour. This exactly what it means, an overhaul of how the game looks and feels. If you care about this stuff you're in for a real kick! The changes are pretty damn awesome.

Weapon Changes
There's been some improvements to some rust weapons, some we've been begging Facepunch to fix for ages like fractional reloads! Here's some of the saucy new wep changes we're getting:
  • Bolt & Double Barrel shotgun reload animation fixes
  • Grenade and drop animation fixes
  • Projectile fixes - fixing some really annoying instances where no hit marks register.
  • Double barrel shotgun spread increased slightly (more damage up close, less from far away)
  • Double barrel refire rate decreased to 0.5s (was 1.0s)
  • Double barrel shotgun damage buffed to be same as waterpipe.
As always there are a tonne of other changes coming to the patch tomorrow so be sure to check Facepunch's official dev blog for all the awesome work they've done.

Rustralasia Team

New gun Hype!
Yes the double barrel with extra bacon shotgun is finally here, and it is glorious. It packs a serious two shot punch with a pretty fast reload speed, it can fire all types of shotgun shells and even has capacity for attachments too.

Double Barrel Shotgun
Cost: 200 Metal frags & 5 HQ metal.
Lvl Req: 15

Item placement can be rotated by pressing 'R'

New Satchel Charge!
[​IMG] [​IMG]

These bad boys are a cheap alternative to C4, mostly aimed at low tier raiding. They're fairly unreliable just as you'd expect being made from beancans.

Cost: 4 beancans, 1 small stash.
Lvl Req: 15

Wood door = 2
Sheet Metal door = 4
Armored door = 12
Ladder hatch = 4

Wood wall = 3
Stone wall = 10
Metal wall = 13
Armored wall = 17

Revive downed player changes
So before you'd just pick someone up, now it will take 6 seconds and you're unable to move during this process. Alternatively you can use a med stick or use a bandage on a downed player and they'll revive instantly after the animation is done.


XP item requirement and craft time changes!
FP have been busy dealing with the concerns of the XP system, refinements are here and very welcome, a lot of these changes make a lot sense as some items like hatches and shelves are very important.
  • Waterpipe level requirement down from 14 to 13.
  • Armored door level requirement down from 20 to 17.
  • Ladder level requirement at level 10
  • Spike trap available at 5
  • Barricade craft costs lowered
  • Wood barricade lvl req 8
  • Woodwired barricade lvl req 12
  • Metal barricade lvl req 14
  • Auto turrent now does 50% more dmg and have more hp and armour
  • Halved the craft time for explosives & gun power (tthank god)
  • Lowered the sulphur cost of C4
New bleed damage text update!
No longer will you get a vague percentage of bleed damage, will now show exactly how much damage you'll take over time due to bleeding.

[​IMG] [​IMG]

There are tonnes more so be sure to check the official dev blog tomorrow, great to see FP are listening and we're getting some much needed QOL changes that rust really needs.

Happy Double-Barrel Shotgunning!
Rustralasia Team